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Welcome to Film School!
The Online 35mm Film Photography School by RubyJFilm

What are you looking for?

For people wanting to learn more about film photography and learn on their own time.

For those that want to take their photography to the next level fast, connect with other photographers and interact in a live class setting. 

Why Join Film School?

Film School was created for the romantics. For the people that love old films & making playlists, for the poets & the people watchers. 

Come to Film School to connect with other like minded people. To learn the in's & out's of 35mm film. Together let's dive into the wonderful world of film photography! 


10 Lessons selected from The Master Course. [Downloadable PDF's & Videos]

- 10 Mini Projects selected from The Master Course. 

- Opportunity to share your photos on the @RubyJFilmSchool Instagram and website. 


-                                                                          [Downloadable PDF's & Videos]. 

- Private Film Group Chat. 

- 15 Mini Projects designed to grow your skill set and diversify your portfolio. 

- Opportunity to exhibit your work in the online end of term Film School Exhibition. 

- 8 Weekly Group Zoom lessons where we cover the course lessons, talk personal projects and collaborate. 

- Opportunity to share your photos on the @RubyJFilmSchool Instagram and website. 

- A rundown on the equipment I use and what's best for you.

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited spots available for The Master Course considering that it is an intimate and interactive way of learning and I want to be as present to you as possible. 

1. Introduction 

Firstly, you will hear a little from Ruby about her story. Then, let's set goals and prepare for Film School. 

2. Your Film Account 

Let's set up your film account. Aka your messy portfolio. 

3. Your Film Journal 

The magic journal with everything you'll ever need in it. I'll show you what's in mine and why it's one of my most prized possessions. 

4. Why Shoot Film 

The very particular and possibly peculiar reasons why I pick up a film camera. Not that you need anymore reasons. 

5. Everything Film Cameras

Let's talk everything film cameras. Why the best film camera is the one that you've got and all the equipment that I use daily. 

6. HOW To Shoot Film

How to actually shoot 35mm film and the process of film photography. 

7. 35mm Film Profiles 

Shot and reviewed 35mm film stocks and how to use them to enhance your work and personal aesthetic. Plus my absolute favourite film stocks that I always have on hand. 

8. Your Eye

What is your Eye and why it is important.

9. How Film Heals

How film photography saved me amongst the chaos of the modern world. What is within you, and what is outside of you. 

10. Social Media & Networking

The importance of social media and networking. Everything that I have done to book jobs, do interviews for magazines and live the life I love. PLUS screenshots of Emails, Instagram DM's and more.

11. Light 

How light can make or break your photograph. Bringing your subject to life or making light itself your muse. 

12. The Space You Create 

Out of all the things that's makes one a good photographer, the space that you create for your subject is one of the most important things you can bring to the table. Making your subject feel comfortable, safe and beautiful is a superpower.

13. Your Photography Portfolio

Together let's create your professional photography portfolio that will build your confidence and book you jobs. The portfolio that we will later link to your work in the online Film School Exhibition. 

14. The Exhibition

The group exhibition that all Master Course members will create together. A place to exhibit your work, bring traction to your work and own personal social media accounts and websites, book jobs, make connections and achieve your dreams!

15. Farewell 

The final lesson. Here we will celebrate each other's win's and memorable moments shared throughout Film School. 

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